Executive Recruitment

New Directorate Structure

Our new directorate structure is:

Sustainable Growth and Opportunity – To lead and enable growth, development, inward investment, new housing and economic sustainability across the borough, and to make sure that Lambeth residents have the skills and opportunities to benefit.

Resident Services – To integrate all day-to-day services for housing, environment and customer support for residents and businesses across the borough, providing excellent quality and value for money.

Children's Services – To support excellence and opportunity in Lambeth's schools, provide help and social care for children and families, commission high quality early years, youth and play services and to lead the Council's work on community safety and serious youth violence.

Adults and Health – To commission and provide outcomes-focused adult social care, lead the delivery of public health approaches across the Council, and to lead on the integration of social care and health with health and voluntary sector partners across the borough.

Finance and Investment – To lead the investment and commercial functions of the Council, ensure we deliver on our commitments, and have the people and other resources we need to be successful.

You can view the structure below (click to download larger version).