Executive Recruitment

About the Council

Lambeth Council's new Senior Management Structure is designed to meet the current context and challenges for public services and local government. The purpose is to ensure that the Council can enable the continued success of Lambeth by sustaining and renewing its culture. We’re now starting to recruit to the vacant posts in the structure, and we will continue to refine our management structure through phase two of the redesign and restructuring process.

The new structure reflects the organisation's ambitions and how they will be achieved.

What we will do:

We will enable growth and development in the borough. This will provide opportunities for our residents to improve their life chances and protect our core revenue streams to help our most vulnerable and our key services. We will ensure that the benefits of growth increase community resilience, and that we target our investment in early help and preventative services. We will reform the way we commission and deliver services with our partners to provide and promote care and independence. We will make sure that Lambeth is a place where people want to live, work and invest.

How we will do it:

By tackling inequality - there are persistent inequalities of opportunity and outcome in the borough and we will continue to challenge this, including by following the recommendations of the Lambeth Equalities Commission. By collaborating - working in partnership with our communities will enable us to achieve the best possible outcomes for Lambeth. By being transparent - we need to promote trust and confidence so that we can work together with our communities and our partners. By delivering value for money - we must ensure that we maximise our financial returns and increase the sustainability of the local economy.